Benefits benchmarking for HR – Aon Benefit Survey 2018

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The current market situation drives companies into reviewing their remuneration system in order to retain current employees and attract new talents. Don’t stay behind and look how others are dealing with the topic!

Aon Benefit Survey maps the current market situation and provides the opportunity to compare the offer of benefits and employee perquisites with the external market. Various reports are avalailable with different levels of detail as per client’s request. The participant report is available free of charge for every company participating in the survey. Price of detailed reports may vary depending on the level of complexity.

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Aon Benefit Survey offers you

  • the best paid benefit benchmark at the Slovak market
  • a unique tool that allows you to compare your offer of benefits with the market
  • an overview of conventional as well as unusual benefits offered at the Slovak market and data about their prevalence
  • data provided directly by HR managers and HR directors of Slovak companies
  • country reports or peer group reports (by industry or company size)

Aon Benefit Survey 2018 report samples

If you are interested in detailed samples of selected report types, please contact us.

Price overview

Price for participants Price for non-participants
Participant report for Slovakia free 290,00 €
Detailed report for Slovakia 550,00 € 890,00 €
Detailed peer group report 750,00 € 1090,00 €

All prices are excluding VAT.

Detailed reports overview

Basic report

Basic report includes information on the following topics:

Flexible benefits

  • Prevalence and the way of defining the employer contribution
  • Top benefits offered in the flexible package
  • Prevalence of the administration of the flexible benefits via an outsourced tool

Supplementary Pension Plan (SPP)

  • Prevalence of SPP and the way of defining the employer contribution
  • Employee contribution (required or not required)

Life Insurance Cover

  • Prevalence and the way of defining the employer contribution
  • Employee contribution (required or not required)
  • The additional insurance (provided or not provided)

Supplementary Medical Care (SMC)

  • Prevalence and the definition of the contribution
  • Prevalence of providing the SMC after probation period
  • Information about whether the contribution is the same for all job categories

Employee perquisites

  • Top 10 most prevalent employee perquisites
  • Overtime compensation
  • Provision of additional vacation and sick days
  • Provision of flexible work times
  • Provision of seniority reward and anniversary reward, kindergarten/babysitting for children of employees
  • Possibility to buy discounted company products
  • Top 6 gifts that employees are given for life jubilee

Detailed country report / peer group report*

Detailed country report (PDF) includes also (besides the information from the basic report):

Flexible benefits

  • Administration of flexible benefits (own tool/outsourced)
  • Detailed information about the benefits offered in the package
  • Fixed sum and  % of salary provided as the contribution on flexible benefits

Supplementary Pension Plan (SPP)

  • Fixed sum and % of salary provided as the contribution to SPP
  • Required length of service to be eligible for SPP

Life Insurance Cover

  • Required length of service to be eligible for life insurance cover
  • Prevalence of accidental cover, disability and additional insurance
  • The types of additional insurance
  • The sum of the life insurance cover

Supplementary Medical Care (SMC)

  • Required length of service to be eligible for SMC
  • Information about whether the price is the same for all employees and what is the sum
  • The price of SMC by job types

Employee perquisites

  • The number of additional vacation days and sickdays
  • Prevalence of perquisites (e.g. home office and flexible work-time, meal vouchers, teambuildings, travel insurance, sabbaticals etc.), which are fully covered / subsidized
  • Car allowance: prevalence, definition of the contribution and its sum (by job categories)
  • Seniority and anniversary reward (detailed information on the most commonly used types of reward)
  • Prevalence and contribution system for Kindergarten/babysitting;
  • Prevalence of referral program and rewarded amount

* Detailed peer group report has the same structure and content as the detailed country report, but the data cover only a selected type of companies (peer group).

About Aon Benefit Survey 2018

Aon Benefit Survey 2018 took place in April 2018 and in Slovakia it included 111 companies from various industries. We conducted the survey also at the Czech market with 209 participants.

Aon Benefit Survey 2018 participating companies by industry:






Aon Benefit Survey 2018 participating companies by headcount:



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