Aon Best Employers

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The Aon Best Employers study is a questionnaire survey conducted among employees in order to map their engagement and satisfaction. Using the world proven methodology and high-quality local benchmarks it identifies the company‘s strengths and weaknesses and provides you with a strategic tool that enables you to increase the efficiency of the HR department. Every year, the Aon Best Employers study awards the best employers with the title “Aon Best Employer” in Slovakia and also worldwide.

What are the benefits of Aon Best Employers to our company?

Aon Best Employers study:

  • provides you with data that enable you to work with your employees’ engagement,
  • provides you with a relevant benchmark comparing your results with a chosen market segment (in the Slovak market we operate with the biggest local database available, representing the opinions of more that 40 000 people from almost 120 unique companies over the past three years),
  • shows you opportunities and threats arising from your results,
  • shows you how far you are on the way to become the best employer (Aon Best Employer),
  • helps you, in case you win the award, to build the employer brand and attract new talents on the labor market.

How can we participate? 

Applications for the year 2018 are open from January 1, 2018 until November 30, 2018. Companies that have at least 50 employees and operate on the Slovak market for at least 3 years are eligible to apply for the Aon Best Employers.

To get more information about applications please contact us.

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Benefits of being Aon Best Employer

The work environment of the best employers is characteristic by:

  • an effective leadership,
  • a high performance orientation,
  • an attractive employer brand,
  • a high level of employee engagement.

An increasing number of companies discover that these characteristics have a positive impact on their financial and non-financial results and boost the overall performance of the company. The crucial attribute is the high employees’ engagement, which brings benefits to all stakeholders. In comparison with average companies, Aon Best Employers globally:


The Aon Best Employer title is determined by your employees’ opinions and experiences. We strongly believe that it is employees who should decide whether they work for a Best Employer.

Thanks to a globally unified methodology we measure and recognize exceptional employers all over the world – on the local, regional and global level.


Areas measured by Aon Best Employers

The Aon Best Employers study is a questionnaire survey which, based on a predetermined set of questions, reveals employees’ opinions, discloses their experiences from various areas of their work life and measures their engagement level.

Gathered answers are analyzed and compared with a chosen market segment. The outcomes map the current situation in employee engagement and satisfaction, and identify priorities on which the company should focus in order to boost the engagement of its employees and therefore the overall company performance.