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In Aon Hewitt we analyze and interpret surveys on employee engagement and satisfaction on a daily basis. At the global level, we have data from over 11 million respondents working in more than 8700 companies. In Slovakia, we cooperate with companies of all sizes, from the largest international corporations to the smallest local companies. We dispose with data for more than 100 unique companies representing over 100 000 respondents.

Trends in Global Employee Engagement

The latest report from Aon Hewitt examines how global employee engagement levels have changed over the last year and the forces that are likely causing these shifts.

We explore and offer insights on the:
Key drivers of employee engagement from a global and regional perspective,
Unique regional challenges organizations face.
Ways leaders can overcome challenges and re-engage their workforce.

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Decrease in engagement in Slovakia

We withness a downward trend in employee engagement in Slovakia. Since 2013, when the score reached its long-term maximum, the average engagement rate in Slovakia keeps dropping every year. In terms of company size, decreasing engagement is an issue mainly in large companies. Small businesses are “healthier” in terms of engagment.


Top 4 bigeest differences between Best Employers and others

Infografika_1_Best vs Rest_ 1.4_SK – ENG

Based on the Aon Best Employers 2016 study conducted among 16,000 employees from Slovak companies we discovered the best employers on our market. The status of being a Best Employer primarily reflects the voice of employees, which is examined by the questionnaire survey. The infographics show the biggest differences between the Best Employers and other companies in the engagement level and satisfaction in various areas of their worklife. Satisfaction is determined by the level of agreement with statements in the given area (for instance: Top management treats the employees as the most valueble assets.). We can sometimes observe that the Best Employers’ satisfaction is more than two times bigger.

And how about the level of the employee engagement?

The Best Employers’ employee engagement is, not surprisingly, higher compared to other companies. On both global and Slovak market we can see that engaged employees are more effective, the quality of their work is higher, they are more inclined to innovations and provide better customer services than their non-engaged counterparts.

The average level of engagement in Slovakia in 2016 was 81 % for Aon Best Employers while the market average was 49 %.







The highest employee engagement is in Latin America, the lowest in Europe

Long term studies on Aon Hewitt shows that people in South America, despite the fact that wages and overall standard of living is undoubteadly lower, are more engaged.

Are people in South America simply glad that they have a job and not stressed that much about money, processes and career development?